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Eric Debrah writes: OSP filed 8 repackaged charges to avoid embarrassment, not new charges


1 months ago
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The Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP), under Kissi Agyabeng's leadership, has withdrawn all 17 charges against A.B. Adjei, who has been standing trial for close to 2 and a half years due to lack of credible evidence. 

They have covertly repackaged the same case with 8 counts in a clear attempt to save face. Anticipating imminent embarrassment following the poor presentation of hearsay evidence by their star witness, Manasseh Awuni, the OSP, typical of his shambolic showing throughout since his appointment, rushed to court to announce the total withdrawal of all 17 counts against A.B. Adjei.

The OSP owes the public an explanation for discontinuing a case it touted as having compelling evidence to prosecute. Such wasteful knee-jerk actions should be condemned, and the OSP should prioritize transparency and accountability in its proceedings, rather than relying on media manipulation to cover up incompetence.

source: Eric Debrah, Dansoman