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Schandorf writes: An open letter too GTV’s Facebook admin on Serwaa Amihere’s leak


1 months ago
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Dear Admin, 

Let me ignore the pleasantries of everyday letter writing and go straightaway to say that, I'm deeply disgusted by the shades you've been throwing at Serwaa Amihere, in the wake of her leaked intimate video.

Though you and others may plead innocent, it's obvious that your recent posts of your anchor, Michelin and the veteran Akushika Acquaye, were both plain innuendoes targeted at the embattled presenter and her boss.

Even if you insist that those posts were harmless, the timing implicates you. And like the man who throws a party on the day of his wife's burial and still claims he's mourning, your innocence cannot be trusted.

Now for the records, I'm not one of Serwaa's apologists, neither do I know her personally to mount any 'defense'. Indeed, I actually encourage healthy conversations on this and other related issues whenever they come up.

My only point of departure is that, the discussions must not be brutally judgmental or malicious. Unfortunately, you are walking in these paths of unrighteousness, and I'll note the details of your sins in the next paragraphs.

To begin, on Friday, April 12, 2024, out of nowhere, you shared 5 unprovoked photos of Michelin Tucker with a needlessly competitive caption which suggested that, GTV also has beautiful presenters at its Kanda studios.

If that post were a genuine appreciation of your team members, that's okay. But in your case, you sought to pitch her beauty against other female presenters; a move that was condescending and utterly unnecessary.

If local media houses should be engaged in any kind of rivalry at all, shouldn't it be about the quality of their news output, and not the bevy of ladies in their stock? That in itself can pass for objectification, yet you found excitement in such a post; especially in these times.  

Thankfully, the intent of that post was shortly revealed in the ensuing comments which you disappointingly endorsed. For example someone asked if she's an MC and you responded in the affirmative; as if you didn't know the import of that mischievous question.

What  caught my attention the most was when Bongo Ideas asked if Michelin can ignore a daily allowance of ¢2,500 as alleged in the Serwaa story. Now guess your response? You replied that Michelin is born again and married. Implicitly, you were projecting her morals and defending why she may not be able to yield to such an offer as against Serwaa who allegedly did.

Yes, I haven't physically seen Michelin before and I don't have a tiny idea who she is. But I can bet my last coin on the fact that, she like myself, and every other person who'll read this letter is NOT CLEAN! Each one of us has either a dirty secret of foul trait in our lives, so why pitch her as flawless to spite others in their low moments?

Needless to say, actions like these may provoke others to begin to scrutinise and dig into her private life, and the outcome may be muddy. I was therefore surprised when she tacitly endorsed your post by dropping her social media handles under same.

I hate to think that she's gleeful and seeking to explode in these circumstances but again, let's just assume that both of you had absolutely no malice in mind and all of us, your critics, are just lousy overthinkers.

I shall now turn my attention to another post which was more unsavory and reckless than the post on Michelin. Dear admin, at a time when the expression, 'women of valour', has become a reference point of ridicule, you excitedly used that phrase while extolling the virtues of Akushika Acquaye, in another spiteful commentary.

In that post on Saturday, you mentioned how Akushika is a better role model blah blah blah! Quite frankly, it is only a fool who'll say those compliments had nothing to do with the ongoing impasse involving Nana Aba and Serwaa which has been on the front burner.

Of course, Akushika was a good in her prime. And we must applaud those we think are exceptional. But to pitch her against her colleagues and praise her morality because of how she appeared on set and all of that was very low and unnecessary.

Like all media houses, you're also at liberty to report on the issue and make it an item of editorial focus, if you so please. However, due to your status as the nation's broadcaster, are you not expected to demonstrate a higher level of professionalism and not tow the line of trolling, innuendoes and sensationalism?

In closing, let me take the opportunity to commend you again for the visibility you've given to the channel in recent times. A few years ago, GTV was despised for its boring, antiquated and depressing look and feel.

Yet through some of your unconventional methods on Facebook, that impression seems to be dying off, and for that, perhaps you deserve a pat on your shoulder.

But don't let the praises bloat your head and push you into excesses. Over exuberance can kill but may that not be your lot. Keep doing good for God and country.

Yours Truly, 
Paa Kwesi Schandorf
Writer, Journalist, Corporate MC

source: Paa Kwesi Schandorf