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RE: Declaration of support for running mate


1 months ago
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My attention has been drawn to a publication by a group describing itself as “The Asante Patriotic Network - Diaspora” recommending my humble self to the Vice-President to nominate me as his running mate in the impending Presidential election.  

I acknowledge the recognition accorded me by the group, and for considering me worthy of this esteemed position.

However, I respectfully want to draw attention to Article 13 of the Constitution of the New Patriotic Party which relates to “Selection of the Vice-Presidential Candidate”. Clause 3 subclause (1) of the said Article provides:

“The Party’s Presidential Candidate shall, in consultation with the National Council, nominate the Vice-Presidential Candidate.”

- The pivot in the selection process is the Presidential Candidate. There was no spirited canvassing by any person or persons to get Professor Adu Boahen to nominate Lawyer R.I Alhassan as his running mate. 

There was no pressure on Candidate J.A. Kufour to choose Alhaji Aliu Mahama as his Vice-Presidential Candidate. 

There was no orchestration to have then-Candidate Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo select Dr. Mahamudu Bawaumiah as his running mate.

 In much the same way, there must not be any attempt, even seemingly, to bring pressure to bear on the Presidential Candidate on who he should select as his Vice-Presidential Candidate.

The Presidential Candidate has grown and matured in the party. Dr. Bawumiah, as we all attest to, is analytical, calculated and purposed in his considerations.
Above all, let us remember that this is the first time that the New Patriotic Party or, indeed, the UP tradition has elected a northerner as leader of the party. 

Let us respect his competence to do what is right for the party.

Whilst I am humbled by the declaration of The Asante Patriotic Network - Diaspora, I plead with them and others who had declared similar support earlier on to pray for the candidate to choose the best person for himself, the party and the country and not do anything to raise tension in the party.

 If that is done, every party person will feel enamoured to welcome whoever the Candidate nominates and the announcement shall accordingly be serenaded with pomp and hoopla.