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Global Media Alliance empowers young women at the African Science Academy

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1 months ago
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Global Media Alliance (GMA), a leading media and communications company, concluded its celebration of International Women's Month with a meaningful CSR initiative aimed at empowering young women. As part of their commitment to gender equality and empowerment, GMA organized a visit to The African Science Academy (ASA).

The Africa Science Academy is a girls-only Advanced Level school for maths and science. Founded in 2016 by the African Gifted Foundation, it targets girls across Africa who has outstanding potential in math and science. They are trained in Maths, Further Maths and Physics as well as Robotics and Computer Programming. This is to enable them for careers in Engineering, Science and computing amongst others.

The CSR project dubbed, “Finding Her Voice”, trained the young girls on Personal Branding, Public Speaking and Leveraging Social Media to grow their personal brands.

The training sessions, led by industry experts from GMA, focused on empowering young women with communication skills, leadership development, and strategies for navigating professional environments. The interactive workshops provided valuable insights and practical tools to help the students at ASA unlock their potential and confidently express themselves.

Touching on personal branding, the co-host of Happy FM Morning Show, Fati Shaibu-Ali emphasized that personal branding its not only about dressing well and how one looks but also about how individuals carry themselves and being experts in their chosen fields.

She advised the girls to hone their craft and market their skills well on social media, attending workshop and seminars to ensure that they stay visible so that they can be inspiration to other young ladies as well.

The Project Lead for e-productions under the Global Media Alliance Group took the students through public speaking and urged them to start small by practicing with their colleagues to build up their confidence in public speaking. She advised  them not to shy away from taking up leadership positions when the opportunity presents itself as this would enhance their public speaking skills.

On her part, a Digital Executive at Global Media Alliance, Eyram Dunyo gave the students tit-bits on how to leverage their social media presence. She encouraged the students to show the fun part of STEM in order to inspire other young girls to take up STEM.

Emma Wenani, Chief Director of Global Media Alliance, expressed her enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, "At Global Media Alliance, we believe in the power of education and mentorship to inspire and uplift young women. Our visit to The African Science Academy was a wonderful opportunity to engage with bright minds and encourage them to find their voices in a world that values diversity and inclusivity."

The Headteacher of The African Science Academy, Gifty Ghansah, shared her appreciation for GMA's support, saying, "We are grateful to Global Media Alliance for their commitment to empowering young women in STEM education and beyond. The training sessions provided valuable insights and inspiration to our students, equipping them with essential skills for personal and professional growth."

The students and staff were later presented with gifts from Flow Wellness and Ghandour Cosmetics who sponsored the event.

Through initiatives like these, Global Media Alliance reaffirms its dedication to fostering gender equality, empowering women, and creating inclusive spaces where everyone can thrive and succeed.


source: Theannouncergh.com