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Missing Penis: Evangelist narrates his ordeal after being wrongly accused

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1 months ago
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An evangelist, Timothy Tsikata, has shared a story about how he was wrongly accused of snatching someone’s manhood at Ashaiman.

According to him, this is a new strategy being used by thieves to steal from people.

He explains that but for a good samaritan who came to his rescue, he would have been killed after all his personal belongings were stolen from him.

Read his full story below:

THE MISSING MANHOOD SAGA IN ASHIAMAN (How I was nearly lynched by a Mob)

On Monday 1st April,2024 at around 1:30 noon, I was making a transit from Ashiaman to Teshie via Public transport to attend to some ministerial responsibilities.

Upon my arrival at the Bus station, I saw a collection of jeans trousers at the roadside for sale, of which some caught my attention and decided to ask of the price so I could purchase a few. I met the salesman and he said each jeans trouser cost Ghc180. I asked for a reduction in sales because of the quantity I wanted to buy but he refused and I told him I wouldn’t be able to buy anymore so some other time.

When I was about leaving the place to go and join the next available bus to my destination, the guy started screaming of the disappearance of his manhood and was asking me to return it back to him. I was shocked and told him that I don’t understand what he’s talking about. He persisted in screaming that his manhood has disappeared and that I’m the one responsible for the disappearance of his manhood, so I should return it back to him. I was so surprised and in awe because I didn’t understand what was going on.

By the time I realized, the guy jumped on me, tore my shirt, spoke in Hausa calling on his colleagues to attack me. I was heavily attacked openly with stones,slapped and beaten with hands and with other items that I should return the guys missing manhood of which I knew nothing about.

In the process of the assault, I was robbed of my personal belongings such as my Apple iPhone X, Apple Tablet Pro Air 2, Apple AirPod pro, chargers and some other belongings in my bag containing my ministry documents.

The assault on me generated a large crowd of people with almost everyone beating me. I saw one guy picked up a half block of stone about to hit my head when about two Good Samaritans in the crowd came to my rescue by stopping the guy asked the guys to take me to the police station for interrogation. God bless this angels wherever they are now. That was how I was dragged in beatings with the large crowd following me to the Ashiaman Police station.

Upon our arrival at the ashiaman police station, the police came to my rescue by retrieving me from the mob and placed me behind the counter. I was in fear in terror because I have never encountered such a thing like that in my life and have been accused and assaulted wrongfully for something I know nothing about.

Even behind the police counter, the mob was still charging at me. I was interrogated by the police and told them about what happened and my missing items.

Through a thorough investigation within a short period, the police was able to retrieve my phone and the Ipad with other items lost.

I was detained behind the counter for about an hour when both of us were called by the police commander for investigation. Police statements were taken from both of Us and during the process of the investigation, the guy was asked to remove his pants for them to check if indeed the mandhood had disappeared or not. When they checked, surprisingly, the mandhood was there, hanging in between his two legs.

The police commander asked him, Are you not the one who said your manhood is missing, so how come it’s still hanging there after we checked it? He replied, saying that it was initially long but now it’s short. The police commander was very angry and furious and ordered that,the guy be arrested and Charged with assault and for also raising false alarm.

I was further given a police medical form to go to Tema General Hospital for checkup and treatment so we could return the following day.

I stand here to say that I was wrongly accused and nearly lynched if not for the intervention of those Good samaritans and the Ashiaman police station.

I kindly want to also entreat the public to treat all this alarms as false and a new wave or form of scamming people of their monies,Personal belongings and valuables.

Help me thank God for my life.

source: Theannouncergh.com