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I do legit business to fund my lavish lifestyle - Salma Mumin


Salma Mumin

1 months ago
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Ghanaian actress Salma Mumin has come out swinging against allegations that her lavish lifestyle is funded by illicit means and that she's successful today because of her entrepreneurial ventures.

In an interview on the latest edition of the Delay Show, Salma refuted claims that she relies on wealthy men to fund her lifestyle, insisting that her businesses fund her flashy lifestyle.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, the Seduction actress disclosed that her clothing and food enterprises have been instrumental in bankrolling her expensive life.

"Yes, my clothing business and food ventures sponsor my trips. I am a very beautiful woman, but my success is a result of hard work and entrepreneurship, not just appearances," she confidently said.

Addressing the shifting connotations of the term "slay queen," she lamented the evolution from women who epitomized elegance and affluence to those associated with transactional relationships.

"When slay queen started, it was women who could dress well and live a good life, but with time, the definition changed to girls who were into runs, so I just had to refrain from it," she explained.

The actress also revealed that she's been blessed with beauty that attracts wealthy men who favour her in many ways.

"I am a beautiful woman and I’m lucky when it comes to wealthy men. I’m not even attracted to men who are not rich," she said.


source: Graphiconline.com