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‘I am not a billionaire, leave that for the Americans’ – Kasapreko Company Founder

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1 months ago
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Born in a ‘forest’, he stormed the city to hustle and went back to his place of birth to build his dream mansion where he resides with his entire family including extended relatives, Kasapreko Company founder, Mr. Kwabena Adjei has shared his inspiring story.

The interesting story of the president and founder of Kasapreko Company Limited, Dr. Kwabena Adjei, who despite his wealth decided to live in utmost modesty is one for the books.

Despite his tons of plush residential apartments splashed all over the country, including the very popular ‘Signature Apartments’ situated in the heart of Accra, Dr. Adjei, established his retirement home inside a forest, situated at Wassa Amenfi in the Western region.

Narrating his true-life story to popular Ghanaian vlogger, Wode Maya, the business mogul recounted his past struggles, and threw the spotlight on his present ‘modest life’ as well as the quest to leave behind a legacy for his generations someday.

“For the first 13 years of my life, I was born in the forest. I had never travelled anywhere other than in the forest. It was very challenging. Because at that time, I was not even living in this cottage, (points to his mansion). I was with my mother, father, and myself in the middle of the forest. So, I used to walk about five miles each morning to come to school here. (points to the area in which he built his mansion) and after school, I went back to the middle of the forest, where I lived with my parents.

“Where I live currently is a family house I built (points to the mansion). As the head of the Aduana family, I had to relocate all my family members from the first house (a simple two-storey building) to this current place. I am an old man, I am not doing these things for myself, I just want to do something for my generation. I take care of my family’s needs. Each member of my clan. I sponsor each one of them through to the University. I’ve set up a fund for my grandchildren so that even if their father cannot support them someday, their grandfather already has. I was so inspired by my forefathers. I live like a villager; I eat what the villagers eat. You grow your own thing and eat your own thing. (points to his farm filled with labourers). I am a village man,” he told Wode Maya.

However, despite all these, the Kasapreko Group of Companies founder insists that he is not a billionaire, “I am not a billionaire. As for wealth, I can’t say I am a rich man. I am an average man, an average person. Recently I was in America, they are the rich ones with dollars. So, if I have some cedis, I can’t say I am a billionaire. In Africa, aside from Dangote, who else is rich? Nobody. Who is rich in Ghana? Nobody.”

Touching on his decision to remain modest, despite being one of the richest men in Africa, Dr. Kwabena Adjei expressed, “When the eagle wants to hunt, it studies its prey, goes direct, and picks it. I am all about being focused, not being flamboyant, not being out there because no benefit comes with it. Not everything needs publicity, I am not a media person but sometimes you cannot hide.”

source: Ghanaweb.com