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Tullow and Partners redefine community care in the West

Local News

2 months ago
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Tullow Ghana and its Joint Venture Partners (Kosmos Energy, Ghana National Petroleum Corporation, Petro SA and GNPC Explorco) have added another dimension to their support for the people and communities in the Western region.

The company’s key operations are located offshore in the region. As part of a strong commitment to community and national development, the partners have been assisting the various localities surrounding the seven coastal areas in different ways. From educational interventions, infrastructure provision, livelihood support and loans for small-scale businesses, they have shown leadership in changing the economic fortunes in that part of the country.  

Recently, the partners, operators of both the Jubilee and TEN fields, commissioned 26 newly built and refurbished community sheds to support the activities of the fisherfolk in the Western Region. These sheds, locally known as, "Oman Pata" dot the coastline, offering cover from the rains, when mending fishing nets or conducting communal meetings. 

Beyond the refurbishments, the partners have also provided 100 plastic chairs each and Rechargeable Public Address (PA) systems for all the 26 community sheds, to support their engagements.

At a special commissioning event in Brawire Akyinim in the Upper Axim area, Tullow’s Deputy Managing Director, Cynthia Lumor, on behalf of the partners said:
"We have committed with our partners, to continue building a better future for Ghana - both for today and tomorrow. A future where our resources become the means to total development and transformation for the country. We cannot go it alone and we are happy to have you as a strong support system and partner.

What we have delivered to you today will not only help advance your livelihoods, it will also give us a convenient platform to strengthen our engagements and keep you safe as well."

So far, Tullow Ghana and partners, have transformed a lot of lives and communities in key regions of the country, especially the Western region. Under its social investment programme “the Fisherman’s Anchor Project," it has provided over $770,000 in small-scale loans to more than 2,400 small businesses (over 90% of the businesses are owned by women and nearly 90% are fish processing businesses) in the Western region. 

Tullow, as the leading operator, has also invested US$10 million over five years to build classroom and dormitory blocks in 15 senior high schools in Ghana. A total of nine senior high schools have benefited from the initiative so far.

source: Theannouncergh.com