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Ghana should be considered for World Rugby competition - Herbert Mensah


Herbert Mensah

1 months ago
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President of Rugby Africa, Herbert Mensah has maintained that Ghana should be considered as a host for future World Rugby competitions, citing the nation's potential to become a prominent destination for international sporting events.

He said Ghana now has the foremost international standard rugby stadium in West Africa and as such must be considered in hosting world rugby tournaments.

Mr. Mensah's remarks came during a press briefing organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports on the sidelines of the 13th All African Games, currently being hosted in the country.

"As President of Rugby Africa, I’m going to my board, I’m also on the Council for World Rugby, that Ghana should be considered as a place where we should be staging world competitions if we can keep the maintenance up. If we can bring World Rugby competitions here, at least 2 or perhaps 3," Mensah affirmed, highlighting Ghana's readiness to host prestigious rugby tournaments.

He said the state-of-the-art facility located at the University of Ghana Rugby Stadium in Accra is a testament to the government willingness to invest in sports in the country commending the overall investments made by the government in facilities that could potentially elevate Ghana's status as a hub for international rugby events.

"We need to commend the government for putting together such excellent games. In sports, if you want results, you need to invest off the field to achieve on the field," he said.

He expressed confidence that such infrastructure would not only benefit local athletes but also garner recognition and pride across Africa.

Ghana is hosting the All-African Games for the first time with 5,000 elite athletes from over 54 African countries competing in 25 diverse sport codes including swimming, cricket, football, volleyball and many more.

With the inclusion of Rugby Sevens to the line-up, the African Games has delivered unmatched excitement so far.

source: Theannouncergh.com