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Oman FM's Wofa KK lived an impactful life – Frema Opare

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2 months ago
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Ghana's Chief of Staff, Akosua Frema Osei-Opare, has painted a vivid picture of the late broadcaster Kwabena Kwakye, popularly known as Wofa K.K of Oman FM, describing him as a man deeply rooted in tradition yet unyielding in his convictions.

Osei-Opare's words resonated with sincerity and respect as she reflected on Wofa K.K.'s unwavering commitment to Ghanaian values and democratic principles. She spoke of his remarkable ability to ignite passionate discussions on both political and national issues, setting him apart as a formidable force in the media landscape.

"Throughout his career, Wofa K.K remained steadfast in his dedication to our traditions," Osei-Opare said in a glowing tribute to the late broadcaster at his One Week observation over the weekend. "His voice was not just a mere echo; it was a clarion call for all Ghanaians to uphold our heritage while striving for progress."

Her tribute shed light on Wofa K.K.'s fearless approach to journalism, where neutrality was not a barrier to speaking out against perceived injustices or advocating for change. It was this unwavering spirit that earned him admiration and respect from both colleagues and listeners alike.

But Wofa K.K.'s impact extended beyond the confines of the media. Osei-Opare highlighted his invaluable contributions as a member of the GNPC board, where he continued to champion the cause of national development until his untimely passing.

"Even in his final moments, Wofa K.K remained dedicated to his duty, offering his last critique on matters of national importance," Osei-Opare said. "His absence leaves a void, especially as we navigate the challenges leading up to the December 2024 elections."

“His last critique on a recent ministerial reshuffle highlighted his unwavering dedication to national development,” she added.

As Osei-Opare reflects over his death, she urged Ghanaians to find solace in the legacy left behind by Wofa K.K. His life, she noted, was a testament to the power of passion, conviction, and unwavering dedication to Ghana's progress.

“Though his demise has caused us pain, yet we are grateful to God that his life was impactful. Let us take solace in the beautiful memories we shared with him and be encouraged by his legacy as we do our best for God and country,” Osei-Opare said.

"Boiling Point," his renowned programme on Net2 TV and Oman FM, according to her “was a no miss programme” for her, adding that it captured the attention of many, including senior government officials, who regarded it as essential viewing. His absence will be deeply felt, particularly as Ghana approaches the crucial December 2024 elections.

source: Theannouncergh.com