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Gospel artiste MOG in trouble after his "SHOCKING" reaction to anti-LGBT+ Bill



2 months ago
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“With this issue [anti-LGBT+ Bill], I will plead the fifth because of my work as a gospel musician. I am saying this to protect my image and brand. If I speak for or against it, people would get something to say, so I would rather be silent on it. I can speak about my stance on the issue privately but not on air,” - this harmless response to the anti-LGBT+ Bill by gospel artiste MOG has left netizens furious. 

MOG, born Nana Yaw Boakye was cautious about his response to the controversial Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill when he appeared on UTV's United  Showbiz and was monitored by Theannouncergh.com.

He explained during discussions that his stance would not be made public in an attempt to protect his brand as a gospel musician.

But netizens have described his stance as ‘disappointing’ with some contemplating deleting all his songs from their devices for not being firm in condemning publicly the LGBTQ activities.

“Prioritizing brand preservation over advocating for Christ's teachings troubles me deeply. I am contemplating removing his songs from my device. I firmly oppose the mistreatment and brutality experienced by members of the LGBTQ+ community.”

“It is concerning to witness a self-proclaimed man of God not articulating a definitive stance on homosexuality while actively participating in gospel music, a genre aimed at promoting faith in God.”

“The lack of vocal support or alignment with God's teachings regarding acceptance or non-acceptance of homosexuality raises questions about the steadfastness of his beliefs.” -Instagram user Onlyurss2 said.

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source: Theannouncergh.com