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Akokoa hitmaker Safo Newman replies social media trollers


2 months ago
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Without any warning, Safo Newman just dropped on the music scene with his single, Akokoa, late last year and started trending like no man’s business on social media, accumulating a substantial number of streams across various platforms.

While some online users, including rap icon Sarkodie, are raining praises on ’Ghana’s new kid on the block’ for his talent and beautiful song, others just keep throwing fiery darts at Newman, calling him all sorts of names. But the singer, who is in his early 30s, says he is unperturbed by the internet trolls.

Talking to the Daily Graphic, Newman disclosed he read the unsavoury comments, which some of them described him as malnourished and unkempt, among others, but that was not his worry at all, his music was what mattered most to him.

He said he was committed to dedicating his energy to crafting timeless music rather than dwelling on his detractors' opinions.

"When it comes to my appearance and the comments people make about it, I'm not particularly bothered. I see it as part of why I stand out. Those negative remarks about my appearance don't faze me at all. What truly matters to me are the songs I create and the messages they convey, as well as the positive impact I can have on society,” he said.

Life in the limelight

Safo Newman is currently basking in the limelight thanks to his single Akokoa, with much of his new-found fame attributed to Ghanaian rap legend, Sarkodie.

His song continues to climb the charts and gain considerable attention, especially following Sarkodie's endorsement of the track as a banger. It is currently the 9th most streamed song on Audiomack in Ghana.

Although he was yet to come to terms with his new status, he said he would ride on the platform to establish himself as one of the most sought-after music acts the country had ever had.

“I have finally had the opportunity to meet Sarkodie who opened doors for me with his endorsement of my song. It is just the beginning of greater things to come and I am looking forward to doing amazing stuff with him. Being in the limelight these past days has been quite overwhelming for me but I feel great about it and I will use this opportunity to make more impact,” he added.

Dual role

The new music sensation also wears another hat—that of a dedicated teacher. Shedding light on how he maintained a balance between his passion for music and his commitment to education, he said juggling both roles hadn't posed any significant challenges.

To him, it is just about being focused and finding a schedule that favours both of his passions.

"It's all about being focused and maintaining a balance. Both my music career and teaching profession are dear to my heart, so I strive to blend them harmoniously,” he said.

The singer, who has yet to secure a management team for his music career, said he was very optimistic about the future and expressed his desire for a team to assist in managing him efficiently.

However, he reiterated that even without a formal management structure, he was dedicated to producing quality music while fulfilling his duties as a teacher.

“Currently, I am doing everything by myself and I am praying that I get a management team that will help me to do things better,” he said.


source: Graphiconline.com