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Prof. Naana’s re-nomination is a symbol of faith kept in the Ghanaian woman


2 months ago
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ASEPA Ghana receives the nomination of Prof. Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang as the running mate for the Flagbearer of the NDC in the 2024 General Elections with a genuine sense of pride.

Prof.Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang was nominated as running mate for the NDC in the 2020 elections amidst several resistance and political uncertainties.
Uncertainties and resistance arose again in the build-up to the 2024 elections but as fate may have it, her re-nomination was confirmed yesterday by the processes and procedures of the NDC Party.

This is a symbol of immense faith President Mahama has in the Ghanaian woman, that given the chance the Ghanaian woman is capable of rising to the occasion.
Amidst the internal resistance and the threat of political consequences; that Ghanaian women don’t support Ghanaian women, the former President held his resolve that despite the possible political implications, the Ghanaian woman deserves a seat at the table. This is the highest form of sacrifice!

We believe that this is a singular act of confidence that has never been reposed in the Ghanaian woman in the history of our politics and we hope that Ghanaian women would reciprocate this gesture through electoral support in the upcoming elections.
That women would come out in their numbers in solidarity with their senior compatriots, debunking the notion that women don’t support women in Ghana.

We hope that the flame of confidence lit by His Excellency John Mahama will ignite a culture of selfless, dedicated and competent leadership that will one day inspire many young women into top leadership positions in Ghana.

Congratulations to the venerable Prof.Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang, a trailblazer indeed!!

Mensah Thompson
Executive Director,ASEPA
Nat.Cordinator, West Africa Civil Societies Forum.

source: Mensah Thompson