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Hajia4Reall ‘forced’ to deactivate social media accounts amid legal proceedings


3 months ago
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Socialite Mona Faiz Montage, popularly known as Hajia4Reall or Mona4Reall, has deactivated all her social media accounts amidst ongoing legal proceedings.

A visit to her Instagram profile reveals that all her pictures have been removed, with a bold inscription in her bio stating, “Hi Nosy…This account is temporarily unavailable for your viewing.”

This decision comes in the wake of Hajia4Reall’s representation by her new lawyer, Michael Perkins, who recently petitioned the court to ease her pre-trial bail restrictions.

The request aims to facilitate her attendance at classes and other commitments, considering her current home confinement status.

According to documents submitted to the court, Hajia4Reall expressed her intention to pursue a five-month course in English Composition and Public Speaking at Union College from January to May 2024. The move signifies her determination to engage in educational pursuits despite her legal predicament.

Hajia4Reall’s legal troubles stem from her arrest and extradition from the United Kingdom to the United States on charges related to a $2 million romance scam targeting older, single Americans.

Despite standing trial, she continues to navigate the legal process with the assistance of her legal representation.

The deactivation of her social media accounts marks a significant shift in Hajia4Reall’s public presence, as she focuses on addressing the legal challenges ahead while also prioritizing her academic endeavors.

source: daily Guide Network