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Dr SK Nuamah writes: Cometh the hour cometh the man - It is Bawumia's time


3 months ago
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Bawumia is undoubtedly the man of the moment, and whether one chooses to accept that or not he embodies a paradigm shift that failure to accept and embrace would be at the nation's peril.

Rt Rev Dr Daniel S.M. Torto, bishop of the Anglican diocese of Accra, prophesied, and I quote, "There is a light ahead of you put there by God that no man, and I mean no man, can dim". This prophetic submission initially may appear to be one of the empty rhetorics that have recently infiltrated the spiritual space. However, two aspects of that prophecy set it apart from the ungodly ones. 

The man who uttered those words is a well-educated Priest with an unblemished character, he is not known to be prophesying unnecessarily. Second, those far and near the vice president can attest to the fact that he has assumed a new political trajectory that represents the country's future. He is a deep thinker, humble, assertive and visionary, traits rarely seen in one man.

At His just launched a presidential campaign dubbed Bold Solution for the Future, Former President JA Kufuor, minced no words when he endorsed the candidacy of Dr Mahamadu Bawumia and said and I quote, "Dr Bawumia is a man on a mission, a mission determined by destiny." Let us all continue to support him because quality leadership is scarce*. Unquote. These words are profound, and particularly coming from a former President, must be carefully considered in our minds, rather than dismissed as political rhetoric.

I was part of a group that initially believed that opposing Bawumia's candidacy was the only way to express our dissatisfaction with our government and fight the unfair treatment we were receiving. However, we have been repeatedly proven wrong, as the sins of one cannot be invited upon another. This demonstrates the Anglican bishop of Accra's prophecy that Bawumia's Godly light will not be dimmed by any man. I daresay that it would be a fruitless mission on anyone's part to cast shadows in God's light.

Bawumai's vision for Ghana represents both current and future solutions to our fundamental challenges. It transcends the normal political oratory of infrastructure, education, health etc but goes deeper into the new world of technology and digitalisation. At the appropriate time, I will delve deeper into the effect of digitalisation on our power systems, deregulation of the power market, renewable energy utilization as well as the oil and gas industry.

Finally, I would like to join the chorus of voices calling for unity in pursuit of victory in 2024. Bawumia is innocent; let us join forces with him to break the eight-year-old Ghanaian political record. It is better to be a messenger in your government than a general secretary in opposition (JA Kufuor). This is a gentle reminder to all that after all, we are better off in government, we are better managers of the economy and we are better at managing the total affairs of the nation.

Let's embrace the bold solutions for the future and remember that our time, your time, and everyone else's will undoubtedly come.

Dr Samiu Kwadwo Nuamah
Fmr MP Kwadaso 
Fmr Senior aid to Alan Kyeremateng

source: Dr SK Nuamah ( Fmr MP Kwadaso)