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Essikado-Ketan: Horma Miezah allegedly plotting “skirt and blouse” votes against NPP


3 months ago
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A failed parliamentary aspirant of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Essikado-Ketan Constituency, Anna Horma Miezah is bent on causing the party to lose the parliamentary seat come December 7 this year. 

In a series of recordings intercepted by the media, Hormah Miezah is plotting with some party officials in the Essikado-Ketan Constituency to lead a skirt-and-blouse campaign such that the elected parliamentary candidate, Charles Bissue fails in his bid to retain the seat for the NPP.

It is alleged that she had promised to pay each party official in her camp a monthly stipend of GH1,000.00 should they support this skirt-and-blouse agenda. The rationale, as uncovered, is to justify her claims that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) will have it easier winning the seat if she isn’t the one on the ballot paper come December 2024.

In one of the media taken shortly after the parliamentary primaries, Horma Miezah mischievously left out Charles Bissue’s name as deserving of a vote while she urged party officials to work to win votes for the Presidential Candidate, Dr. Bawumia. This incident relates to a similar event that unfolded by her cause in Ellembele in 2020.

After losing the Parliamentary primaries in Ellembele, Hormah Miezah engaged in all manner of machinations just to create disunity in the constituency. One of her infamous tactics was to leave her gigantic billboards in the streets of Ellembele, post the primaries, just so electorates get confused about who is rightfully, the parliamentary candidate for the NPP in the constituency. In Essikado-Ketan, close to a dozen billboards were mounted just for the parliamentary primaries.

After losing the contest, no attempt have been made to remove these gigantic billboards. A disturbing phenomenon is the fact that most of these billboards are mounted within proximity to that of the NDC’s parliamentary candidate. This is purely mischievous and a grand attempt to cause trouble.

She has repeated this same anti-party tactic in Essikado-Ketan, and if action is not taken soon could cost the NPP dearly in the parliamentary election.

Breach of Article 7

The Regional Chairman, Francis Ndede Siah, according to our source is poaching the National Council to reinstate Madam Horma Miezah as the Regional Treasurer. Horma Miezah as required by the regulations set out for the Parliamentary Primaries, resigned from her office as the Treasurer.

Following her defeat in the Essikado-Ketan primaries, the Regional Chair clandestinely took steps to reinstate her. The move is by all measures a breach of Clause 10(i) of Article 7 of the NPP Constitution which states; “A Regional Officer shall CEASE to be such an officer if he or she resigns.”

Madam Horma Miezah has a penchant for defiling constitutional provisions. It is recalled how she was sneaked back into office in 2020 after losing the primaries to Mr Kwasi Bonzo in the Ellembele Constituency. Her insatiable taste for power led her to gain an appointment at the local assembly, a move she used to disrupt the work of the President’s appointed District Chief Executive, Kwasi Bonzo of Ellembele District.

Our source believes, Horma Miezah is contemplating a similar but far more disruptive agenda in Essikado-Ketan Constituency, such that the elected Parliamentary Candidate, Charles Bissue suffers in his bid to be elected as the Member of Parliament for the area.

source: Theannouncergh.com