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Akosombo Textiles Limited ‘in trouble’


3 months ago
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The management of Akosombo Textiles Limited (ATL) is being questioned for selling company equipment amidst operational challenges, sparking worker grievances and a sit-down strike - Starrfm.com has reported. 

According to sources, Management has sold high-quality iron machinery at the spinning and weaving department as scraps.

Also sold 620+ pieces of pure copper rollers (the weight ranged from 65kg to 79kg) used for printing at the real wax section, and sold hundreds of motors and cylinders costing millions of Ghana cedis belonging to the factory, raising concerns among workers.

Despite receiving a government injection of GH¢17 million in 2018 to revitalize the company, ATL continues to struggle to meet its obligations, including the payment of salaries and bonuses to employees.

“January 2024 salary has not been paid, and even workers who have been with the company for over 35 years earn less than Ghs 800 monthly.Our salaries can be delayed for 2 -3 months, and they pay us at their own will.” a source informed Starr FM.

Workers also expressed dissatisfaction over unpaid bonus cash allowances from 2021 to 2023 and management’s failure to remit tier 2 contributions deducted from salaries from 2021.

“This bonus cash is a set-aside percentage cash which was supposed to be added to the salary but we workers opted that it should be kept by management and paid to us in every December which is our own money we’ve worked for. Actually, workers depend on such cash to pay rent and cater for their family’s Christmas needs.”

Workers also accused management of not paying tier 2 contributions since 2021 meanwhile it has been deducted from their salaries.

Additionally, uncertainty surrounds the fate of compensation allegedly provided by the previous Chinese management to departing workers, further exacerbating tensions within the company.

“We don’t know the fate of the company since this new management took over from the Chinese in 2018. It is alleged that the Chinese compensated all workers (numbering 900+) before leaving but from 2018 till now, management is still keeping the cash.”

In response to these grievances, workers staged a 5th peaceful six-hour sit-down strike on Thursday February 15, 2024 demanding positive answers from management.

“We request the government should step into this genuine matter for peace to prevail,” the workers emphasized.

Despite attempts by factory manager, Mr. Kenneth Asare and one of the Directors Mr. Philip Quarcoo came to the factory around 8am to address concerns, workers remain dissatisfied and warn of further action if their demands are not met.


source: Starrfm.com