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I am always in my corner minding my business - Jackie Appiah


Jackie Appiah

21 day(s) ago
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Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah has revealed how she avoids getting involved in controversy on social media.

Jackie Appiah claims that her perseverance has come from maintaining a low profile and putting her love of acting first.

The actress emphasizes that her passion for her career acts as a compass, directing her away from unimportant things and toward a hard work ethic.

Jackie Appiah emphasizes the value of keeping a cool head, concentrating on her work, and avoiding careless mistakes for the ideal professional path, and she attributes her success in the public eye to her devotion to fans.

“It’s been tough, its not easy but I am naturally a cool person, I am always in my corner, I mind my job, I mind my business and I don’t want to make mistakes, everything must be perfect,” Jackie Appiah spoke to Nkonkonsa.com

source: Theannouncergh.com