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Kwame Ofori writes: When you pray say one for McBrown


24 day(s) ago
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I feel for Nana Ama McBrown. She is dying inside little by little. You see, the most difficult thing in life is not to be appreciated by the one you love. It puts you in a confused, disbelief and self-denying stage where you begin to question yourself.

Sadly, Mcbrown is blaming herself for her husband, Maxwell's instability. She is victimizing herself for Maxwell's sins. She thinks her looks is the reason her husband is womanizing and she will do anything to fix that. Reason for her continuous body enhancement and Aba Dope looks. Things we do for love!!

But you see, Maxwell loved and married Mcbrown in her natural looks when she wasn't even this famous so the problem may go beyond her physical characteristics.

And again if Maxwell is the problem then Mcbrown should understand that a man who cannot love you for who you are does not deserve you. Enhancing your body features will not keep a man because love is a mind game that's why sometimes so-called “ugly” girls are lucky with married. A man may love a woman for various reasons of which physical characteristics may be a factor but not absolute.

Why would Abass Saliki disowned Isha Modi after her butt enhancement? Think about it.

But in all, I feel for Mcbrown, Don't ridicule her yet because you may not know what she's going through. I think she's going through a lot and needs counselling and prayer before things get out of hand.



source: Kwame Ofori - Contributor