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Sam Ankrah gives reason for his presidential ambition


Sam Ankrah

4 months ago
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An aspiring independent presidential aspirant, Sam Ankrah says the failure of successive governments in resolving the nation's economic challenges motivated him to consider running for the presidency.

According to him, it is long overdue for a new generation to take over the affairs of the nation and improve the economy.

Speaking on JoyNews' Personality Profile on Friday, January 19, the investment banker said he can make things different, hence his involvement in politics to shape the future of the nation.

Mr Ankrah explained that there is a stereotype that all politicians are corrupt, but that does not affect him because he does not consider himself a politician, although he has held various positions in his career.

“The idea that all politicians are the same to some extent does not apply to me, but if you look at where I am coming from, what I have to lay on the table to be able to do what I am doing clearly should give people an insider that there is a different kind of politics coming in; here is a person who has sacrificed a lot to get into the field to help support nation-building.”

The economist stated that Ghana does not have a self-sufficient local economy, thus making the nation vulnerable to external factors.

He argued that the nation imports most of its basic things including toothpaste; hence, any adjustment in external economies directly affects the nation.

Mr Ankrah emphasized his readiness to build a strong local economy if elected in the December 7 general election.

"This country needs a locally built economy, and we need stability. This is what I am promising Ghanaians."

He further said that it is impossible to develop the nation in an unstable environment, hence the need to stabilize the economy to give confidence to the market.

source: Theannouncergh.com