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Court grants Hajia4Reall's request to go back to school



1 month(s) ago
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The U.S court has permitted Hajia4Reall to pursue some courses at a University in New Jersey.

This comes after the socialite, represented by her new lawyer, Mr. Michael Perkins, prayed the court to ease her pre-trial bail restrictions to make it more feasible for her to attend classes among others.

In a document presented to the court, Hajia4Reall, who is currently in home confinement, stated that she intends to pursue a 5-month course in English Composition and Public Speaking at the Union College, from January to May 2024.

“I respectfully write the court with the consent of the government and pre-trial services to request the modification of Ms. Montage’s pre-trail bail conditions to allow her attend class at the Union College in the spring 2024 semester. Ms. Montrage is currently on home confinement. She would like to enroll part-time in the Union College in the spring 2024 semester,” parts of the documents made available to the public read.

Mona’s lawyer, also stated that they have taken a step to inform the pre-trail officers and supervisors who have no objection, as far as proof of enrollment and school schedule is provided.

However, the court, after analyzing the documents said if the prosecution, FBI and state attorneys do not find anything wrong with the development, then she can go ahead.

Change in attorney

Mona Faiz Montrage, sometime in October 2023, ceased working with her lawyer Adam Cortez, and opted for a new lawyer from ‘The Fast Law Firm PC’.

Mona, who has been working with Adam Cortez since the beginning of the case in November 2022, parted ways with him for reasons best known to her.

She prayed the US court for the change in attorney on November 8th, 2023, and on November 9th, it was granted.

In her plea, she asked the court to be granted 60 days so she could adequately familiarize herself with the case before the speech trial which was initially scheduled for November 13th.

The court granted her and the new attorney, 45 days to make all the necessary preparations.


Hajia4Reall took over US$2million from 6 victims using 5 bank accounts

Investigations reveal that Hajia4Reall maintained five foreign bank accounts in which she accumulated money obtained from six victims.

The socialite opened some five bank accounts under the name of different non-existing business ventures, in three different banks in Bronx, New York.

Labeled ‘Montrage Accounts’ and numbered from Account 1 to Account 5, these accounts were said to have accrued deposits that totaled $2,165, 000 from victims.

source: Ghanaweb.com