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Foreign Ministry: Over 30,000 Ghanaian passports left uncollected

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1 year(s) ago
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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration has said over 30,000 uncollected passports are still with the Accra and Kumasi passport application centers.


In a statement issued on Monday (30 January 2023), the Foreign Ministry called on passport applicants to collect their printed passports from the various application centers as soon as possible.


“Accra and Kumasi passport application centers alone have about 30,000 uncollected passports,” the statement said.


The ministry is concerned that applicants have been informed through text messages but have refused to pick them up at the various PACs.


Applicants are therefore advised to call the ministry’s client unit on 0240793072 or 0240913284 to check their passport application status.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, however, expressed gratitude to the general public for their cooperation.



source: Theannouncergh.com