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Today, January 13 in the history of Ghana


6 months ago
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Some 52 years today, Ghanaians again allowed the overthrow of the Constitution of the Republic. This time, it was the 2nd Republican Constitution of 1969.

It was the Government of the Republic led by the late Prof. K. A. Busia in a Westminster-type constitutional order. It was only 27 months old unlike the 1st Republican order of 1960, July 1, that lasted 6 years (72 months).

Those who applauded the 1966 overthrow and participated in the mutiny against the State and the People tasted of that which they had prescribed, subscribed to and supported.

May there be a renewal of faith in the cause of the Rule of Law and Constitutional Democracy in Ghana? May we patiently indulge ourselves in a democracy no matter what?

As we have entered another election year, I pray that citizens will demonstrate citizenship leadership by electing the best for our era. We should prefer the worst form of democracy to the best of any military adventure or incursion.

May God be our help as we pray on this Sabbath Day of Rest He created (Genesis 2:1-3).


source: James Kwabena Bomfeh Jnr.