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More legal actions await you after Dec. 7 elections – NDC to NPP


6 months ago
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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is alleging that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is scheming to hold onto power after the December elections to escape justice.

The NDC claims that the government is aware of all its illegal actions and the resultant consequences when it leaves office, and is therefore planning not to relinquish power when defeated.

Chairman of the NDC, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, at a press conference on the aftermath of the district-level elections, said the NPP has already been rejected by Ghanaians, and any plans to stay in power will fail.

“This government knows its uncountable and unconscionable actions and inactions, including corruption, flagrant human rights abuses, and more. Therefore, they are preparing to hang onto power at all costs to escape justice.”

“They will fail because no power can defeat an organized and determined people struggling for their freedom. Truth is, Ghanaians have already abandoned the NPP and their followers. Therefore, the NPP ministers must begin preparing their handing over notes.”

The NDC chairman added that many contestants affiliated with the NPP lost in the just-ended district-level elections, indicating that the current government is on its way out of governance.

“Already, thousands of persons affiliated with the NPP have lost the District Level Elections. Yes, NPP people have miserably lost the Assembly and Unit Committee elections to members, supporters, and affiliates of the NDC.”

“Sincere political watchers and analysts know this is another evidence when a government is on its way out of office. They know because even though the processes leading to the District Level Elections are non-partisan, most of the contestants and the voters are aware of where the candidates stand politically.”

source: Citinewsroom