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Ghana: 8 Days in 2024 with TWO shocking sex scandals


6 months ago
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Just when netizens are recovering from the ‘rubbles’ of 2023, two major interesting back-to-back encounters have reared their heads.

It appears that 2024 is loaded with more intriguing tales as just in its first month, The Ghanaian social media space has witnessed two huge sex scandals from some socialites.

A few days ago, Hayford Nhyira, a popular Twitter influencer, had since gone viral when videos of his sexual escapades with a popular crossdresser were leaked online.

The young gentleman noted for his outspokenness on Twitter, was subjected to immense backlash when videos of him having oral sex with the said man were spotted all over social media.

Throwing patrons into a state of shock, tweeps including celebrities, have since discussed and dissected Hayford’s conduct amidst tons of mixed reactions.

While some have condemned the act and chastised him for his ‘hidden relations’ with the LGBTQ community, others have bemoaned the severity of the trolls on his mental health.

Viral videos of his father and elder brother fighting him over the development have also pointed to the fact that Hayford isn’t having it easy at home either.

Hayford, who has since been topping Twitter trends consecutively for days, was said to have been hospitalized after a suicide attempt.

He has been also captured online, seeking an ‘escape route’ from the massive embarrassment.

He has asked netizens, particularly those who have commiserated with him to either support him financially or assist him in applying for asylum in the United States.

Daniel Duncan Williams

The steeze around Hayford’s sex tape barely died down when Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams’ son, Daniel took over with more interesting ones.

Daniel, who recently declared that he had turned over a new leaf, had currently leaked videos of himself masturbating and having sexual intercourse with an unknown lady.

Prior to this development, it was reported that ‘Dee Wills’, as he is popularly called, had been in rehab for over six months.

However, the young son of the archbishop, in a series of rants online said he was rather kept in a prayer camp in London, where he was starved of his favourite hobbies; sex, listening and recording secular music among others.

Unapologetic Dee Wills said he had been suppressed for a long time and that releasing his nudes now that he is finally out of the prayer camp, is only a mechanism that could make him feel better.

He has also asked individuals to desist from associating his conduct with his father, adding that he (Dee Wills) has fully owned up to it.

source: Ghanaweb.com