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Asokwa Constituency: Edmund Kyei Shares Over 1,000 Birds to Delegates for Christmas

Local News

6 months ago
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In a heartwarming display of Christmas generosity, Edmund Kyei, an aspiring member of parliament for the Asokwa constituency in Ashanti region distributed over 1,000 chickens to delegates during the Christmas festivities.

The gesture was met with jubilation and appreciation from recipients, who praised Mr Kyei's thoughtfulness and commitment to the community.

The chicken giveaway took place at the public school park in Asokwa, where hundreds of delegates had gathered to celebrate the holiday.

In a brief address, he expressed his Christmas wishes to the crowd and emphasized the importance of giving back during the festive season.

"Christmas is a time for sharing and spreading joy. I wanted to do something special for the people of Asokwa, and I hope this chicken giveaway will help make their Christmas a little bit merrier," he said.

His decision to distribute chickens was a strategic one. The aspiring parliamentarian by providing this Christmas token, was to assure constituents that he’s willing to give back to society and create rapport with the people he hopes to serve should he voted to represent them in parliament.

"This is a great way for Mr Kyei to show that he cares about the people of Asokwa. He is not just a politician; he is someone who is willing to help his community," a delegate who gave his name as Kwabena Danso said.

“Edmund Kyei's Christmas giveaway is sure to be remembered long after the holiday season is over. It was a generous act that brought joy to many families in Asokwa and helped to solidify Kyei's image as a caring and compassionate leader,” another delegate who pleaded anonymity said.

Whether Edmund Kyei’s kind gesture will translate into votes in the upcoming parliamentary election remains to be seen. However, there is no doubt that he has won the hearts of many Asokwa residents with this kind gesture.

source: Theannouncergh.com