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Tension at NPP HQ as unhappy staff draw comparisons between current and former leadership


6 months ago
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There is growing tension and discontent among deputy national officers, directors, deputy directors, and other staff at the headquarters of the ruling NPP as sources say the workers are being compelled by developments to draw parallels between the current General Secretary, Justin Kodua Frimpong, and the leadership style of his immediate predecessor John Boadu.

Expressing concerns about what they perceive as wicked, greedy, selfish, and arrogant leadership, staff members are reportedly reminiscing the era under former General Secretary John Boadu during which they claim to have enjoyed the favorable treatment and generous Christmas packages. An anonymous staff member recollected that, during the tenure of Mr Boadu, each staff member received two bags of rice, cartons of tomatoes, canned fish, cooking oil, and a substantial Christmas bonus.

“Things are just bad here, only a few people are benefiting from whatever comes to the headquarters, and the rest of us are just tagging along. It’s as though we don’t matter and it’s really painful. The discrimination and disrespect is just overwhelming,” the source bemoaned.

However, In stark contrast, under the current General Secretary, the sources reveal that a recent allocation of freebies to the office by the Administrator of a state institution was allegedly shared among only ten elected officers, raising questions about the equitable distribution of such freebies. Another source revealed that National officers are expressing growing dismay, questioning their significance in the organizational structure. Reports suggest the atmosphere at the Party Headquarters is becoming increasingly apathetic, with speculation arising about the conduct of Mr Kodua in refusing the advice and direction of the National Chairman.

An additional revelation, made by a staff member who also chose to remain anonymous, is the fact that there are grave concerns over the management of funds from government appointees intended for the welfare of national officers. This development, among others, has prompted concerns among party members about Mr. Kodua's competency and leadership capabilities, especially in light of the perceived shortcomings in the supervision of the District Assembly Election.

“There are genuine concerns about how things are being done and managed here; from finances and all, it is truly worrying and it makes us wonder if indeed the people know what they are about”.

The unfolding situation further raises questions about the General Secretary’s competence and leadership acumen to guide the party through the challenging task of securing a third consecutive term.

source: Theannouncergh.com