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Fidelity bank strengthens defences against fraud with dedicated "fraud, risk & control week"


Ransford Nana Addo Jnr,

6 months ago
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In response to the surge in digital banking platforms and the corresponding increase in cyber threats, Fidelity Bank, Ghana's largest privately owned bank, took proactive steps last month by dedicating a week to intensifyingefforts against fraud, empowering its staff to be the first line of defence.

Under the theme "Leveraging on Fraud Awareness and Education to Minimize Our Losses: The Role of Fidelity Bank Staff," the week brought together the combined expertise of Internal Audit, Internal Control, Operational Risk, Compliance, Financial Crime, Information Security, and Enterprise Risk. This collaborative effort, supported by Banking Operations and Physical Security, ensured a comprehensive approach to tackling fraud.

The week was filled with engaging activities designed to raise awareness and equip staff with practical skills to identify and deter fraudulent activity. "Daily Fraud Titbits" raised awareness about the theme by sharing crucial insights on risk, fraud, and controls. Staff members were enlightened on their role in ensuring customer and bank security, emphasizing accountability and vigilance.

Additionally, sessions like "Lunch and Learn" fostered open discussions about real-life scenarios and risk mitigation strategies. A digital library provided staff with access to valuable resources, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

"Time with Executive Management" forum allowed employeesan opportunity to engage in discussions with the executive team, addressing the top five proposals on risk policies and challenges.

The week culminated in the "Orange Integrity Forum," a platform for sharing best practices, celebrating "anti-fraud heroes" within the bank, and outlining future initiatives to strengthen the bank's safeguards against fraud.

Commenting on the initiative, Ransford Nana Addo Jnr, Head, Financial Crime at Fidelity Bank, stated: "It is a no-brainer that we, the staff, are firstin line in the fight against fraud, and I believe that this week was more than just an event: it was a declaration of our steadfast commitment to protecting our customers and our institution from the ever-evolving threat of fraud. So, by empowering our staff with knowledge and fostering a culture of vigilance,we strive to uphold the highest standards of integrity and security for our valued customers, and we are poised to build a stronger, more resilient bank for the future."

The successful completion of Fraud, Risk, and Control Week marks a significant milestone in the bank's ongoing mission to provide secure and reliable financial services. However, Fidelity Bank’s dedication to fraud prevention goes beyond awareness-raising. The bank continuously invests in cutting-edge technology, robust risk management frameworks, and stringent compliance measures to safeguard its customers and maintain its position as a leader in Ghana's financial landscape. This commitment is furthered by the recent addition of multi-factor authentication to the Fidelity Mobile App, providing an extra layer of security for customer accounts.

source: Theannouncergh.com