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The New Force Belgium citizen spokesperson deported


Ms. Shalimar Abbuis

7 months ago
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The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) confirmed today the repatriation of Ms. Shalimar Abbuisi, a Belgian national who served as spokesperson for The New Force, a recently established political group in Ghana.

In a statement, the GIS clarified that Ms. Abbuisi's residence permit was revoked by the Comptroller-General, leading to her removal from the country. This action was based on Section 20 (2)(a) of the Immigration Act, 2000, which empowers the authorities to revoke permits obtained through fraudulent means.

Belgian woman New Force spokesperson arrested and charged for falsifying documents for Ghana resident permit

The statement goes on to detail that Ms. Abbuisi, according to the GIS investigation, secured a student permit through "fraudulent misrepresentation." This violation constituted grounds for her removal under the aforementioned Act.

The immigration service, emphasizing the legal basis for their action, stated, "Ms. Shalimar Abbuisi could not legally remain in Ghana. Accordingly, the Comptroller-General ordered her repatriation."

Ms. Abbuisi was subsequently repatriated on December 19, 2023, via Air Brussels Flight No. SN 319, returning to her native Belgium.

source: Theannouncergh.com