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No Ghana Card, no salary for public sector workers from Feb 2024

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6 months ago
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Beginning February 2024, all public sector workers with Ghana Card numbers will have their salaries frozen, the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) has said.

This is a new directive issued by the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) as part of measures to help cut out ghost names on the government's payroll.

Following discussions with the National Identification Authority (NIA) regarding a special registration exercise for those yet to acquire the Ghana Card, the CAGD said a crucial decision has been made that could affect the livelihoods of many.

The dialogue between CAGD and NIA unfolded during a meeting held on October 11, 2023 where timelines for a proposed registration exercise were discussed.

However, it appears that there was a miscommunication, as CAGD later wrote to NIA seeking consent and agreement on the proposed timelines.

In response, the NIA stated that they had previously communicated their inability to conduct a special registration exercise.

Instead, they had opened offices nationwide for general registration on September 4, including a focus on targeted public sector employees on the government payroll.

In light of this, CAGD has issued a critical advisory to its staff and members, urging them to register for their Ghana Cards at any of the 292 NIA offices nationwide.

Emphasizing priority for government employees, CAGD has taken a firm stance on compliance.

source: Graphiconline.com