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Consciously play and promote GH music- Gyankroma Akufo-Addo to DJs


6 months ago
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The Executive secretary of the Creative Arts Agency, Gyankroma Akufo-Addo, is making a passionate call to Ghanaian  Disc Jockeys (DJs) to consciously promote and play Ghanaian music.

Speaking at a stakeholder engagement  to gather inputs from creatives and key players in the creative industry for the promotion of the #playghana initiative earlier today, she expressed concern about the declining trend of Ghanaian music being played on the airwaves.

The #playghana initiative being championed by key institutions including the Ministry of Information, Ministry of Arts and Tourism, Ghana Folkloric Board, seasoned and emerging music talents, DJs among others, advocates for the promotion of Ghanaian music.

During the submission, the executive secretary emphasised the need for key players in the music industry to unite in making local music a global phenomenon by consistently featuring it on radio stations and in nightclubs.

She said this conscious effort would help to elevate local music during the December in Gh festivities and potentially lead to legislation enforcing the broadcasting of local content.

"We are asking every single radio station, DJ, nightclub owner, and nightclub promoter to play Ghana music first. So this is not something that is just an initiative that will be pushed every Christmas. It is something that we are starting for Christmas, and we are hoping to lead to change and amend the local content law."

She also highlighted that the Play Ghana initiative is not a seasonal gimmick but a long-term commitment to promoting Ghanaian music.

She urged the industry to view it as a continuous effort to enhance the visibility and appreciation of local artistes.

"We are pushing to play Ghana songs forever. It is not something that is just stagnant and is something that is just going to be a gimmick. We are here to play Ghanaian music forever," she noted.

Ms Akufo-Addo revealed that her agency was actively working on measures to amend the local content law, ensuring the effective enforcement of the Play Ghana Songs initiative.

According to her, this move will create a lasting impact on the music landscape and similarly foster a sustainable platform for local artistes to thrive.


source: Graphiconline.com