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12 TV stations issued with NMC final warning for showing money rituals, p0rn0, occultism

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George Sarpong - Executive Secretary of National Media Commission

7 months ago
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The National Media Commission (NMC) has issued a final warning to twelve television stations for repeatedly broadcasting offensive content in the form of fake lottery, occultism, money doubling, money rituals and inappropriate sexual content (pornography).

The 12 stations are Asomafo TV, Adwenpa TV, Diamond TV, X TV, Funny TV, Big TV, Passion TV, Elephant TV, Best TV, Energy TV, Nkabom TV and Seekers TV.

The NMC has said they are repeat offenders and have therefore been issued with a final warning following which regulatory action may be taken against them without further reference to them.

Repeat offenders

"The following stations who were cited in our fortnight report continued to carry out their offensive broadcast after we publicly cautioned them. They should take note that this constitutes their final warning. Regulatory action may be taken against them without any further reference to them," the NMC stated in a press release dated December 11, 2023, signed and issued by George Sarpong, Executive Secretary of the NMC.

The release highlighted the National Media Commission and National Communications Authority (NCA) joint monitoring of the airwaves in November 2023.

"The second part of November saw an increasing trend of 64.7% in the overall number of reported cases of unethical and unlawful content on the airwaves above the first fortnight report released on November 16, 2023," it said.

"In the specific categories of unlawful and unethical content, fake lottery increased six-fold (676%) while occultism doubled (105 %). On the contrary, money doubling decreased by 23% while money rituals decreased by16%," it added.

Repeat offenders

1.    Asomafo TV
2.    Adwenpa TV
3.    Diamond TV
4.    X TV
5.    Funny TV
6.    Big TV
7.    Passion TV
8.    Elephant TV
9.    Best TV
10.    Energy TV
11.    Nkabom TV
12.    Seekers TV

On the related case of Onua TV and Onua FM, the National Media Commission said it has filed a notice of suspension of authorization with NCA after the extended time expired without the stations apologising or withdrawing "their offensive content".

"They have subsequently filed a case in court claiming a right to carry the content the Commission finds offensive. The Commission will continue to update the public on the issue," it added.

The NMC expressed gratitude to the NCA for the positive collaboration in securing professionalism in broadcasting reaffirmed dedication to ensure free, pluralistic and responsible media in Ghana

source: Graphiconline.com