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Clothing giant Zara faces backlash for 'mocking' deaths in Gaza with an advertising campaign that features mannequin wrapped in white plastic and surrounded by rubble


6 months ago
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Fashion giant Zara is facing calls for a boycott today from pro-Palestinian activists over its latest advertising campaign.

Critics accused the retailer of insensitivity towards deaths in war-torn Gaza after images from the fashion shoot featured mannequins with missing limbs and a model in a wooden box and surrounded by rubble.

Other images, which now appear to haven been removed from the firm's Instagram page, show supermodel Kirsten McMenamy posing with mannequins wrapped in white cloth and plastic.

Some users said they were similar to the photos taken in Gaza during the Israel-Hamas war, of dead bodies wrapped in white shrouds.

The campaign for the Spain-based fashion giant quickly received a wave of backlash online, with posts branding it 'shameful,' 'disgusting' and a 'mockery', with #BoycottZara trending on X.

Artist Hazem Harb wrote in an Instagram post: 'There is a sinister depravity in the commercial mind that produced this ad, while we are living a real time genocide.

'Using death and destruction as a backdrop for fashion is beyond sinister, its complicity and should outrage us as consumers. Boycott Zara.'


source: Daily Mail UK