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Late MPs to face ‘stiff’ punishment next year - Speaker warns


Alban Bagbin

2 month(s) ago
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From the next meeting of Parliament, the Speaker of Parliament vows to lock the doors of Parliament at 10 am as he laments the late start of sittings due to lateness from MPs.

Alban Bagbin addressing Parliamentarians said it is not right that he has to come and wait for them to start the business of the house.

The former Nadowli-Kaleo MP was emphatic that, if MPs do not want him to enforce this new decision, then they must agree to start sittings at 2 or 4 pm.

"There is nowhere in the world where the Speaker will have to go and sit and wait for MPs to come in, it does not happen.

"So please from the first meeting of the fourth session of the Eight Parliament of the Fourth Republic, at 10 am, the doors will be locked," he stated.

He continued, "It will take some time before it will be opened. If we are not able to comply with it, let's all agree sittings will start in the afternoon.


source: Theannouncergh.com