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Our donation is done with utmost sincerity and compassion to support you - BKQ Co-Founder

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6 months ago
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Mrs. Nonkazimulo Quashie, Co-founder of BKQ Foundation has donated some assorted food items to support the Akropong School For The Blind to support them during the festive season.

The donation ceremony was held on Sunday, 10th December, 2023 at the School's premises during their church service. The items donated included 20 bags of 25kg rice, 10 gallons of 25-litre vegetable cooking oil, 20 boxes of tomato paste, 5 sacks of 50kg sugar, 10 buckets of 10kg margarine, 10 bags of Sankofa flour, 10 bags of 180kg maize, 6 bags of 100kg beans and 5 bags of 150kg gari and some cash donation.

In addressing the students during the donation, Mrs. Nonkazimulo Quashie expressed her elation and how honoured she feels to be part in their quest in supporting "this incredible institution and its exceptional students and I also bring you the warmest greetings from South Africa," she stated.

In explaining the rationale for the presence of BKQ Foundation on the campus, she averred that "our presence here is a demonstration of our utmost respect and admiration for the Akropong School For The Blind. We recognize the commitment of the staff, teachers, and administrators who work tirelessly to provide education and support to these remarkable students", indicated the Co-Founder of the Foundation.

She continued that the BKQ Foundation was established with a clear mission. Thus "to make a positive impact in the lives of those less fortunate, and especially in the lives of individuals facing various challenges in our society" it is with great pleasure and honour that the foundation can extend their support to the Akropong School For The Blind.

According to Mrs. Quashie, there are a lot of problems bedevilling the school but information from the head teacher, Madam Veronica Derry indicates that food is the foremost need now. "It's based on this that we've decided to donate these food items to ease your plight. While our support may only scratch the surface, we hope that it will provide some relief and comfort to the students and staff", she hinted.

She added it is with goodwill, passion and a firm belief that no child should go hungry, and with this donation, they aim to contribute to the well-being of the students thereby contributing to their nurturing and development.

To the students of the Akropong School For The Blind, Madam Nonkazimulo assured them that they are not alone. "The BKQ Foundation stands with you and supports your dreams and aspirations", she promised solemnly.

According to her, the foundation believes in the unlimited potential of the students, and encourages them to reach for the stars, knowing that there are many people out there who care deeply about their well-being.

The Co-Founder of BKQ Foundation, Mrs. Nonkazimulo Quashie took the opportunity to express her profound gratitude to the Akropong School For The Blind for welcoming them.

"Our donation of food items is a small gesture, but it is made with the utmost sincerity and compassion. Let us be inspired by this experience, and let our hearts remain open to those in need. "God richly bless you all. It’s been an amazing time of worship with you.
Thank you", she shared.

Madam Veronica Derry, Akropong School for the Blind Head, thanked Mrs. Nonkazimulo Quashie and her team for the kindness shown to them.


source: Theannouncergh.com