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December in GH: Ghana Bloggers welcome global influencers at Airport with free chocolates


6 months ago
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As the world gathers in Ghana starting tomorrow, December 1st, under the theme "December in GH," the Ghana Bloggers Association extends a warm welcome to arriving dignitaries at the airport.

They provide a gracious reception and a complimentary taste of Ghanaian chocolate, anticipating the upcoming December festivities.

This considerate initiative, led by the association's president, Andre Mustapha NII Okai Inusah, widely known as Attractive Mustapha, is part of an ongoing agenda encouraging every Ghanaian online to actively blog and promote the beauty of Ghana.

Attractive Mustapha underscores the symbolism behind gifting chocolate, given Ghana's status as the world's second-largest cocoa-producing country.

He emphasizes that anyone visiting Ghana should savor the rich taste of cocoa, integral to the nation's identity.

Aligned with the "Blog and Promote Ghana" campaign and the approaching December festivities, the association hosts numerous international bloggers, journalists, personalities,models others.

These collaborations were meticulously planned, with specific dates strategically chosen just a day or two before the onset of December in Ghana.

Addressing guests from the diaspora, Attractive Mustapha shares his extensive global experiences, asserting that Ghana stands out as one of the best countries worldwide.

He firmly believes that if the world is indeed round, as geographers posit, then Ghana occupies a central and special place in God's creation, “God stood in Ghana while creating the world”

Looking ahead, Attractive Mustapha outlines plans for widespread activation across Ghana and the diaspora throughout December, extending beyond the airport.

He passionately urges the social media community to explore all 16 regions of Ghana and share positive stories about the country.

Expressing gratitude, he takes a moment to acknowledge the invaluable guidance and support provided by the Ghana Tourism Authority to Ghanaian bloggers and the Association. This collaborative effort seamlessly aligns with their December in GH project, contributing to the positive promotion of Ghana on the global stage.

source: Theannoucergh.com