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Fight breaks in 'trotro' after pastor refuses to stop preaching during commute

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7 months ago
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It has become a norm for pastors and vendors to be addressing public transport users during commutes across various roads in Ghana.

Though the laws of Ghana prohibit pastors from preaching or vendors from advertising their products during commutes, most passengers and drivers ignore it and allow it to happen.

But, this man in a viral video shared by EDHUB, could not stand a pastor who was preaching sitting close to him.

The pastor, a man in his 30s, was preaching about repentance and could be heard exclaiming; “Our Lord Jesus Christ would be coming again, repent!”

But the man who was sitting close to him could have none of it. He told the pastor to shut up because he was disturbing the peace in the vehicle.

“Brother close the Bible; you are making noise... Masa you are making noise, shut up. We need peace,” the man said in Twi.

The man could be seen aggressively closing the bible of the pastor.

The pastor, however, was adamant and could heard saying that he would continue to preach the word of God.

This led to a huge debate in the 'trotro' (public transport).

One woman who was supporting the pastor could be heard saying “Drivers also play profane music, making all kinds of noise, do you stop them”.

The Prohibition of Nuisance In A Commercial Vehicle, Regulation 116 of L. I 2180/2012, prohibits any form of noise-making in public transport and indicates that preaching in 'trotros' is a crime.

"A person SHALL NOT cause or permit to cause nuisance including PREACHING and HAWKING on a public or commercial vehicle while the motor vehicle is in MOTION," parts of the law reads.

source: Ghanaweb.com