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Tullow Ghana puts spotlight on Labour Rights in energy sector


7 months ago
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Tullow Ghana signed off its Supplier Market Day events for 2023 on a very progressive note, the other day at the Fiesta Royale Hotel in Accra. 
Participants at the event were united in their assessment of the value and quality of information the platform provided.

The Supplier Market Day event is an avenue to deepen engagements and cement relationships with the company’s many local suppliers and vendors. It forms a strong part of Tullow’s strategy to develop local human resource and capacity for long term sustainability in the sector.

Over 140 suppliers were present at the last session for the year. This time the theme was on Human and Labour Rights in the oil and gas sector. The reason was simple - with a lot of transformation in the sector, stakeholders have begun demanding more of the sector’s attitude to labour rights - in line with the Labour Act of 2003, (Act 651).  Additionally, a global shift towards more stringent legislation, such as the UK Modern Slavery Act of 2015, had also added weight to these expectations.

“The benefits of good labour practices are many – compliance with laws and regulations, doing the right thing, employee good health and productivity. It's a shared responsibility, that we must take seriously so that together, we can ensure a future where human and labour rights are not just a goal but a reality in our industry.,” said Cynthia Lumor, Deputy Managing Director of Tullow Ghana.

In a session led by Tullow and TwentyFifty Management consultancy, participants were given first-hand insights on Tullow’s expectations of suppliers, the due diligence measures the organisation has put in place and steps the participant suppliers could adopt in their own organisations.

“Sessions like this has brought a lot of transparency and clarity in how things are done among operators and suppliers in the energy sector, and we appreciate the steps taken by Tullow to make this possible, “said a representative from the Local Content Team at the Petroleum Commission.

One of the highlights was a session with Tullow HR Manager, Kwame Afreh, on fair wages, labour rights under the law and the roles played by employers and employees. Further enhancing the event's significance was the introduction of a Self-Assessment Form (SAF). This tool empowers suppliers to self-evaluate and offer feedback regarding their commitment to uphold human rights. It also points to areas for potential growth and improvement.

Tullow Ghana's commitment to promoting human and labor rights in the oil and gas industry is a pioneering example in the country. As expectations continue to evolve, Tullow hopes to remain at the forefront of leading change, transparency, and ethical standards, across the wider industry. 

source: Theannouncergh.com