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Why should I sit for an unmarried woman to question me about my husband? - Ohemaa Woyeje pokes Delay


8 months ago
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The hostess of Angel FM's Mid-morning show, Ohemaa Woyeje has descended heavily on fellow media personality, Deloris Frimpong Manso, popularly known as Delay, for asking questions about her husband’s life.

According to her, Delay’s motive for the interview she had with her two years ago was to question her about the rumors of her husband cheating and not to hype her as perceived by some Ghanaians.

The Angel FM presenter indicated that she intentionally affirmed the rumors about her husband cheating to signal Delay that she knew about her diabolic intentions for the interview.

"She [Delay] called me for the interview because of that question [rumors about her husband cheating]. Because when you are married you should know how to handle marital issues. The girl who was interviewing me is not married. She does not discuss her relationship issues on her show.

"No marriage is perfect, so I won't sit for you as an unmarried person to question me about my husband’s life. Have you discussed your boyfriend’s own? So that answer was to let her know she couldn't floor me. She didn’t interview me because of hype but she had a plan and I knew it,” she said in an interview with CTV on the Class Showbiz programme monitored by GhanaWeb.

Ohema Woyeje disclosed that her relationship with Delay derailed after she moved from Top Radio to Oman FM and could not move the listeners along because of her.

“On a normal day, Delay will not call to interview me. Because she never liked me after she left Top Radio. She could not move the listeners from Top Radio to Oman FM so there was some funny beef.

"She has never called me before. So if you monitor the interview she acted like she didn't know me but we were friends. So when somebody is pretending you also pretend,” she added.


Contrary to some campaigns for women to divorce their husbands on the grounds of cheating, Ohemaa Woyeje said she would never leave her husband on such grounds.

According to her, cheating does not cause any major changes in a man's look.

To support her stand, she reiterated that she would pick up her husband, take him home, and clean him even if he slept with a mad woman.

“If your husband cheats on you don’t kill the person. Even if I meet my husband sleeping with a mad woman, I will pick him up, take him back home, and clean him up,” she added.

She disclosed this in an interview with Delay two years ago and monitored by GhanaWeb.

She was responding to rumors of creating a scene and smashing her husband’s phone on the floor in front of Adom FM after finding out her husband had cheated when she made this revelation.

“Why will I do that when I made it clear that when your husband cheats on you, it won’t kill anyone,” she told the host, Delay.

The presenter tied the knot in 2017 with Emmanuel Kusi and is blessed with a baby girl.


source: Ghanaweb.com