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Letter of peace to NPP


Diana Oppong Mensah

8 months ago
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Dear members of the New Patriotic Party,

I write to you as the founder and President of Women's Network for Peace Ghana, a dedicated advocacy and civil society group committed to promoting gender equality, empowering women, advocating for peace, justice, and social change in our beloved country, Ghana.

As you embark on your internal elections on 4th November 2023 to select a presidential candidate who will represent the New Patriotic Party in the upcoming General Elections in 2024, I would like to extend my warmest wishes to all the delegates and members. This internal election presents a crucial moment in your party's journey and one that holds significant potential for shaping the future of our country.

I would like to emphasize the importance of conducting these elections in a manner that upholds law and order, adheres to agreed electoral processes, and provides fairness and freedom for all delegates to select their preferred candidate. It is crucial that this process is carried out in a manner that promotes inclusivity, transparency, and integrity, as these are the foundational pillars of a democratic society.

At Women's Network for Peace Ghana, we firmly believe in democratic values and the importance of peaceful and fair electoral processes. Our advocacy efforts focus on ensuring that women's rights are respected and that they are enabled to actively participate in decision-making processes. We actively promote the involvement of women in political activities and aspire to see their voices being equally represented in all levels of governance.

We also strongly oppose any form of violence, malpractice, intimidation, or monetization of votes during the electoral process. These practices erode the democratic principles we hold dear and undermine the credibility of the electoral system. We believe that every delegate must be able to exercise their democratic right freely, without fear or coercion, to choose the candidate they believe best represents the ideals and aspirations of the New Patriotic Party.

As you undertake this important democratic exercise, we kindly request and encourage all members to prioritize peace, respect, and unity. This is a moment for constructive dialogue, healthy debate, and the exchange of ideas. We urge all candidates and their supporters to engage in the political process with a spirit of camaraderie, embracing the diversity of opinions and views within the party. It is through such inclusive and respectful discussions and engagements that the party can emerge stronger and more united around its shared vision for Ghana's future.

We wish you all the best in your internal elections and hope that the exercise will be a resounding success. May it reflect the true values of democracy, fairness, and open-mindedness. Let this process be a true testament to the New Patriotic Party's commitment to the principles of good governance, accountability, and transformative leadership.

As Women's Network for Peace Ghana, we pledge our continued support to promoting peace and gender equality in Ghana. We stand ready to collaborate with the New Patriotic Party and all other political parties in pursuing our shared vision of a prosperous, inclusive, and peaceful nation.

Once again, we extend our heartfelt wishes for a peaceful, orderly, and successful internal election.


Diana Oppong Mensah 
Women's Network for Peace Ghana

source: Diana Oppong Mensah