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Fidelity Bank Empowers Enactus CKT-UTAS with GHS 147,614 to Shine at the Enactus World Cup 2023


7 months ago
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Fidelity Bank, Ghana's largest privately-owned financial institution, has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to fostering youth entrepreneurship and innovation. 

The bank has contributed a generous sum of GHS 147,614 to Enactus CKT-UTAS, as a support package for three talented students who represented Ghana at the prestigious Enactus World Cup 2023 Competition held in the Netherlands from October 17 to 20, 2023. 

This global event showcases the sustainable entrepreneurial projects initiated by university students who are making a remarkable and positive impact on the world.

The three exceptional students, Ms. Zakaria Najlau, President of Enactus CKT-UTAS, Ms. Ibrahim Hamdia, and Ms. Abudu Eulalia, are presenting two innovative projects that address pressing challenges associated with e-waste and rice waste in Ghana. 

Their first project, Project Waste Tech, ingeniously converts e-waste into poultry incubators, offering a solution that empowers poultry farmers to enhance their productivity and income. 

The second project, Project EcoHack, transforms rice husks and straw into eco-friendly flywheel sheets for furniture and acoustics, effectively reducing environmental pollution and creating value-added products.

Expressing her gratitude to Fidelity Bank, Ms. Zakaria Najlau, the team leader of Enactus CKT-UTAS, acknowledged the challenges of securing funding for such projects. She praised Fidelity Bank for their substantial support, which came at a crucial juncture, bolstering their confidence and enabling them to take their innovations to a global audience.

"Fidelity Bank's timely and magnanimous donation has enabled us to realize our dream of representing Ghana at the Enactus World Cup 2023 Competition. We are grateful for their unwavering commitment to supporting youth entrepreneurship and innovation. We promise to do our best to make Ghana proud," Ms. Najlau expressed.

The dummy cheque representing Fidelity’s donation was officially presented by Mr. Esteban Mawutor Amegashitsi, the Corporate and Internal Communications Manager of Fidelity Bank at a brief ceremony which was held at Orange Heights, Fidelity Bank’s Head Office Annex in Tesano, on Friday, October 13, 2023.

Mr. Amegashitsi, speaking at the event, underlined Fidelity Bank's pride in supporting students who demonstrate creativity, leadership, and social responsibility through their projects. He emphasized the bank's belief in empowering young entrepreneurs who address real-world issues and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

"We are impressed by the ingenuity and passion of these students, who have utilized their skills and knowledge to create solutions benefiting both people and the planet. As a bank committed to sustainability and community well-being, we are delighted to sponsor them to represent Ghana at the Enactus World Cup 2023 Competition. We hope that their projects will inspire other young people to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and create a positive impact in the world," Mr. Amegashitsi affirmed.

Mr. Evans Hokey, the Programs Manager of Enactus Ghana, extended his heartfelt gratitude to Fidelity Bank for their generous gesture. He also called on other corporate bodies to follow the bank's example and support such initiatives.

"We are grateful to Fidelity Bank for their generous support of Enactus CKT-UTAS and their commitment to promoting youth entrepreneurship and innovation. The students' participation in the Enactus World Cup 2023 Competition is a testament to their creativity and passion. We encourage other corporate entities to support such initiatives, as Fidelity Bank has done. We believe that these projects will not only benefit the environment but also bring economic advantages. We are proud of Enactus Ghana for bringing honor to the nation," Mr. Hokey expressed.

Fidelity Bank's donation to Enactus CKT-UTAS aligns with the bank's ongoing commitment to bolster youth entrepreneurship through its flagship initiative, the Fidelity Young Entrepreneurs Initiative (FYEI). FYEI provides both financial and non-financial support, empowering youth-led businesses to thrive. The program focuses on scalable businesses addressing societal challenges, particularly those contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals. In partnership with its collaborators, Fidelity Bank delivers customized training and financial support, strengthening and nurturing selected businesses that meet program criteria.

Fidelity Bank's support for Enactus CKT-UTAS underscores its dedication to promoting youth entrepreneurship and innovation. It further accentuates the Bank’s often-stated believe that given the right support and exposure, Ghanaian youth possess the requisite ingenuity, creativity and acumen to excel on the world’s biggest stages. The bank remains steadfast in its commitment to championing initiatives that project Ghanaian excellence, especially among the youth. 

source: Theannouncergh.com