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Electricity restored to safe havens at Mepe, water restored to Avehime - VRA

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Ing. Edward Ekow Obeng-Kenzo

7 months ago
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The Volta River Authority (VRA) has successfully restored power to Mepe, one of the communities in the Volta Region inundated by flood waters as a result of the spillage from the Akosombo dam.

Additionally, the Authority has restored the community water supply in Aveyime which was submerged by flood waters some two weeks ago.

Providing updates on the ongoing efforts to restore normalcy in the flood-affected areas of the region in a press briefing on Tuesday, October 24, 2023 in Accra, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Authority, Ing. Edward Ekow Obeng-Kenzo said the VRA has been deeply concerned about the welfare of residents of the affected areas and has taken appropriate steps to first and foremost safeguard their lives while returning them to normalcy.

"In the face of adversity, we have managed to restore electricity and water to the safe havens in Mepe and other affected communities," stated Mr. Obeng-Kenzo. "This accomplishment signifies a step forward in our mission to alleviate the difficulties faced by the residents. We understand the essential role electricity and water plays in everyday life, and we are dedicated to ensuring that basic amenities are reinstated for the affected families."

The spillage was necessitated by high inflows into the Akosombo reservoir, resulting in the water level exceeding its upper level. As a result, the VRA had to spill excess water to prevent it from overtopping and compromising the integrity of the dam.

Providing an explanation, the Deputy CEO emphasized that the ongoing controlled spillage was based on sound engineering analysis and judgment, with the top priority being the preservation of lives and the integrity of the dam.

This notwithstanding, he said the Authority has provided essential relief items in keeping with VRA’s commitment to alleviate the plight of the affected communities since the spillage began.

Regarding support for the impacted communities, Mr. Obeng-Kenzo highlighted that the VRA, in collaboration with the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), has been delivering essential relief items since October 10th. These items include food, drugs, tents, potable water, improved sanitation, and other necessities.

The Deputy CEO also expressed gratitude for the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders, including NADMO, the Ministry of Energy, the Ghana Armed Forces, the Ministry of Health, and all those who have contributed to providing relief to the affected communities.

source: Theannouncergh.com