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Zoomlion shares pain with workers affected by akosombo dam disaster with various relief items worth Ghc174, 000

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Zoomlion shares pain with workers affected by akosombo dam disaster with various relief items worth Ghc174, 000

7 months ago
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In a remarkable demonstration of solidarity and compassion, Zoomlion Ghana Limited, a leading player in waste management and environmental services, extended a helping hand to their dedicated workers who were affected by the recent Akosombo Dam spillage in the Volta Region.

Mrs. Gloria Opoku Anti, the Executive Director and Managing Director of Zoomlion Ghana Limited, delivered a heartfelt speech before presenting a variety of essential relief items to the affected communities.

Amid a gathering of esteemed officials, including Honorable Members of Parliament, Municipal/District Chief Executives, and revered Traditional Rulers, Mrs. Gloria Opoku Anti expressed her deep concern for the devastating impact the natural disaster has had on the lives and livelihoods of the people in the Volta Region.

She acknowledged the challenges faced by the victims, especially the dedicated core and casual workers of Zoomlion.

Mrs. Gloria Opoku Anti conveyed her pride in standing not only as the Managing Director of Zoomlion Ghana Limited but as a compassionate member of the community.

She highlighted the tragic consequences of the Akosombo Dam spillage that submerged entire communities and the suffering of many citizens, particularly Zoomlion's dedicated employees.

Zoomlion Ghana Limited, a company firmly rooted in the values of service and community, mobilized significant resources to alleviate the plight of their fellow Ghanaians. Recognizing the strength of unity and collective action, the company, true to its core business of waste management and environmental protection, provided substantial relief to the affected communities and their employees.

In her role as the Managing Director, Mrs. Gloria Opoku Anti presented a diverse range of relief items, including 100 bags of 25kg rice, 25 gallons of sunflower cooking oil, 1000 bottled water, 200 mattresses, 200 mosquito nets, 100 boxes of canned fish, and more, amounting to approximately 174,000 Cedis.

This donation represents not just a charitable contribution but a manifestation of the company's genuine concern for the well-being of their people.

The generous assistance from Zoomlion Ghana Limited is expected to provide relief and comfort to those facing the harsh realities of this disaster.

Mrs. Gloria Opoku Anti expressed the company's unwavering commitment to stand by the side of the affected communities throughout the challenging process of rebuilding lives and infrastructure.

She conveyed her heartfelt gratitude to Corporate Ghana for their instrumental support in aiding the larger affected population, emphasizing the resilience and compassion that unite the nation during times of crisis.

Mrs. Gloria Opoku Anti also thanked the media, including the esteemed Citi Team, for their crucial role in raising awareness and mobilizing support for those in need.

In her closing remarks, Mrs. Gloria Opoku Anti reminded all Ghanaians that unity and empathy are their greatest assets in times of crisis.

She called upon everyone to stand together, support one another, and collectively rebuild not only the physical infrastructure but also the indomitable human spirit that defines the nation.

Zoomlion Ghana Limited's profound act of support serves as a shining example of corporate social responsibility and the spirit of togetherness that binds communities in their times of need.

Receiving the donation, Head of National Emergency Operation Center based in Bator and Deputy Director in Charge of Operations and Deputy Director of Operations of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), Mr. Seji Saji Amedonu assured Zoomlion that the items will be used for the purpose for which they were delivered and expressed gratitude to the company for the kind gesture.

Answering queries of the media on the sidelines, the Communications and Corporate Affairs Director of Zoomlion Ghana Limited, Ms Emma Adwoa Appiaa Osei-Duah said, Zoomlion was founded in 2006 with a core ethos of humanitarianism, aiming to alleviate the challenges of waste management and associated public health issues for the people of Ghana and the wider sub-region.

“Throughout our journey, we have consistently prioritized social corporate responsibility because we firmly believe that business success isn't solely measured by profitability. It equally hinges on our capacity to be socially accountable to the communities we serve”.

She said it was against this backdrop that the recent Akosombo Dam spillage and the resulting devastation to property and livelihoods have deeply concerned us. We stand here in solidarity with our fellow citizens who have been adversely affected, staying true to our mission of enhancing the lives of individuals and the environment they live in.

Ms Osei- Duah said, “at this pivotal moment, we extend an earnest appeal to both the Government of Ghana, our esteemed partners in corporate Ghana, and generous individual philanthropists. We implore you to rally together, providing any form of assistance that can swiftly enhance the quality of life for the affected populace in the Volta Region. Your collective support will play a pivotal role in expediting their recovery and rebuilding efforts”.

She encouraged the affected individuals to maintain their composure and steadfastness, holding onto the belief that normalcy will be restored.

source: Theannouncergh.com