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Ken Agyapong pledges to revolutionize Northern Ghana with focus on agriculture and development


8 months ago
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A flagbearer aspirant of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Ken Ohene Agyapong, has set forth an ambitious vision for the transformation of the country's five northern regions, addressing the pressing issue of unemployment and underdevelopment.

Speaking during a tour of the Northern region, Mr Agyapong expressed his dismay at the continued high levels of unemployment in these regions despite the presence of vast, fertile lands.

He passionately advocated for utilizing these fertile lands through mechanized farming and agro-processing initiatives, which he believes could invigorate economic activities and create numerous job opportunities.

He called upon the politicians in the northern regions to tap into these vast resources for regional development.


In a promising turn of events, the NPP flagbearer aspirant revealed that Yaa-Naa, the king of the Dagbon traditional area, had pledged to provide him with land in Savelugu. 

He assured the audience that if he were to acquire these lands, he would harness them to bring about significant improvements and advancements within the area.

Drawing attention to the geographical consistency of the terrain across various locations in the northern regions, including Bulga and Pusiga, the flagbearer hopeful emphasized the potential for large-scale farming and agro-processing in these regions. He lamented the absence of industrial facilities, stressing the untapped potential for development.

Mr Agyapong urged the delegates to support his candidacy in the upcoming elections on November 4, emphasizing his commitment to the development of the five northern regions. He asserted that, if given the opportunity to lead the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and, subsequently, the country as President, he would spearhead the transformation of these regions.

He went on to question the insufficient marketing of the northern regions and emphasized the importance of patriotic values, honesty, and discipline in managing the country's resources.

Amid his speech, Agyapong also shared a personal anecdote about his fondness for Tuozafi, a traditional Ghanaian dish that he enjoys every Sunday when in Kumasi. This served to create a personal connection with the audience.


Mr Agyapong assured the audience that he would manage the country's affairs just as efficiently as he manages his businesses, without requiring additional funds. He stressed the need for prudent resource management, advocated for more women in leadership roles, and called for an end to corruption.

Ken Agyapong's vision for the northern regions of Ghana is poised to generate significant attention and support as he positions himself as a catalyst for regional development and economic growth. His promise to employ innovative agricultural practices and his commitment to honest and patriotic leadership suggest a bold and transformative agenda for the future.

source: Theannouncergh.com