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NPP cannot win an election without me - Kennedy Agyapong


Kennedy Agyapong

7 months ago
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New Patriotic Party (NPP) flagbearer hopeful Kennedy Ohene Agyapong has emphatically stated that the NPP's electoral victories are closely tied to his presence and efforts.

In an interview on Tamale FM, the Assin Central MP revealed that despite being offered money to withdraw from the contest, there is no scenario in which he would abandon the party.

He firmly believes that without his participation, the NPP's chances of winning elections would be severely compromised.

"...without me, the NPP can't win elections. Do you know how many people are begging me? You know, the money that they've offered me to step down? If I step down, we will lose. With the sacrifices the party people have made, I cannot selfishly take that amount of money and leave them to their fate," he stated.

Kennedy Agyapong expressed his concerns about the party potentially sidelining him, emphasizing the interconnectedness of their success.

"How can NPP dump me? If they dump me, they will go into opposition. We all need each other."

He further revealed his determination not to be exploited and discarded by the party, a fate that has befallen others in the past.

"You see, NPP will always want to use you and dump you. I will not allow them to dump me anymore; I won't do it. I will not sacrifice for NPP, for my children, my family, and generations to be humiliated," he declared.

source: Ghanaweb.com