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Daddy Lumba throws another shot at critics


Daddy Lumba 

1 year(s) ago
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Ghanaian highlife legend, Daddy Lumba has responded to claims that his latest track was targeted at a particular individual.

Owing to the content of the song, ‘Ofon na edi asem fo’, which was accompanied by a stern warning to a detractor, a section of netizens claimed that Lumba’s song was indeed targeted at someone.

“That useless individual, I am not done dealing with him,” Daddy Lumba said while unveiling the song on DL FM in December 2022.

The development resuscitated his longstanding beef with gospel singer, Isaiah Ampong, who says the diss song was directed at him.

Ampong said a close source to Lumba, gave him a hint about the track in 2018.

He made these comments in an interview with Happy FM where he also hinted at releasing a diss song in response to Daddy Lumba.

“Sometime in 2018, a young man came to me and told me that his boss is recording a diss song for me. He told me that it won't be long, I’ll hear of it. He said Daddy Lumba was recording a diss song for me and Roland (Roro), my music producer. So, I had the hint already and I was looking forward to the diss song and now it's here. He will hear from me very soon. He will definitely hear from me. This is going to be the beef of the year. 

“My mother told me to stop and you can recall that since then, I haven’t even uttered a word. But as he has released a diss song, the battle line has been drawn. After stealing from someone, the thief is angry even when the victim is not. I’m done with the diss song because I don’t suffer to write songs. I am not a coward, I have been through a lot so I am much bolder,” Ampong angrily averred.

But in the latest development, Daddy Lumba has claimed that his ‘Ofon nae di asem fo’ song wasn’t meant for anyone.

He disclosed this in an interview with DL FM while throwing jabs at those making such claims.

“I heard claims that I have tagged someone in my song. I have had this song for seven good years. It means I have been working on it for over seven good years. As a musician, if you are working on a song and you think about yourself only, people do not properly relate to it. Because I think about people, I do songs that are relatable. It is true that a lot of people act foolishly, as the title of my song connotes. And when you see those people, I am even more handsome than them,” he indicated.

source: Ghanaweb.com