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I earn GH¢43,000 each month for dressing dead bodies – Ghanaian woman in Belgium

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8 months ago
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Belgium-based popular Ghanaian TikToker, Sexy Vida, has disclosed that she earns a monthly income of close to GH¢43,000 Ghana cedis by dressing deceased bodies in Belgium.

In an exclusive interview with Zion Felix, Sexy Vida explained that her take-home pay, after taxes, amounts to 3,500 euros, which translates to approximately GH¢43,000 Ghana cedis.

Additionally, she receives children's benefits of 2,000 euros and personal benefits of 1,000 euros, bringing her total monthly earnings to GH¢86,000.

The popular content creator, who has been in the profession for five years, clarified various myths and misconceptions surrounding her job.

She emphasized that there is no factual basis for the belief that dead bodies possess spirits that can scare those who work with them.

She debunked such claims, asserting that if someone in Ghana were to invite her to dress a corpse, they would realize that these notions are unfounded.

“I dress dead bodies, I have done this for five years," Sexy Vida said.

She added "I take 3,500 euros and benefits for my children 2,000. But for that, it depends, because sometimes it is 2,600 or 2,500, and then my (white) mother will also give me 1,000."

Explaining further, she noted that her monthly earnings sometimes include additional allowances, such as shopping cheques. Adding that, the value of these cheques varies, depending on the number of working days in the month.

On the myths surrounding her profession, he stated: "It all depends on your heart because certain things scare us sometimes, but if you have a good heart, there is nothing you need to be afraid of.

“I want someone who dresses a dead body in Ghana to invite me there to dress a dead body so that we can witness the said spirits that they are talking about. Those things are not true,” she added.

source: Ghanaweb.com