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Atta Akyea lied; we never backtracked our biased accusation against him - IGP’s lawyers

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Atta Akyea

9 months ago
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Lawyers for the Inspector General of Police have described as falsehood claims by the chairman of the parliamentary committee probing the leaked tape on the plot to remove the chief Atta Akyea that they backtracked their claims of bias against him.

According to the lawyers, there was never an instance during the in-camera hearing where they withdrew or moved from their accusations of bias against the chairman.

Mr Atta Akyea after told the media on Wednesday that the IGP’s lawyer backtracked from their initial accusations against him.

Speaking to Joy FM, Kofi Bentil, a member of the legal team of the IGP Dr. George Akuffo Dampare said the chairman of the committee was not truthful with his remarks and challenged him to produce evidence that they backtracked from the bias accusation.

“Based on his actions we believe he is biased, we have said so. Many other people agree with us and indeed we think that it is sufficiently said and dealt with and we don’t need to do what he expects us to do in the committee room.

“So look, it is a simple matter. We’ve never backtracked and this issue should never dominate the substantive issues. We have never backtracked and we know what we've said when we said is what we said, we still stand by it. His actions show somebody who is biased and we hope that he will shift from that position,” Mr Bentil said.

He further noted “Everything we have said and suggested has actually come to pass. The last time he said we should go and come back to hear new evidence, it was suggested to him by my senior Counsel that why don’t you take the evidence and if it is serious, call us back he said no we should come back. We went and nothing was brought out actually. So we just went and spent the time there and walked away. Now, things have been suspended, Civil Society leaders have expressed their concern, and everybody is expressing concern about how this thing is being conducted. We have not backtracked, we have not gone back on what we said concerning the conduct of the chairman which we do not find to be proper and appropriate”.

source: Theannouncergh.com