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The Royal Senchi Hotel and resort celebrates a decade of excellence


8 months ago
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Embodying the country’s rich heritage and extending premium hospitality to guests from diverse backgrounds, the Royal Senchi Hotel and Resort is poised to celebrate its tenth anniversary.

The hotel, renowned for exemplifying the true spirit of traditional Ghanaian hospitality and creativity, is gearing up for the celebrations with a lineup of events and exclusive offerings.

According to Management, the initiatives are designed in honour of loyal patrons and the general public who have, over the years, shared in their vision of promoting the authentic traditional experience.

The series of celebrations would be marked throughout the remainder of the year, and would culminate in a grand durbar scheduled for December 9.

Management of the hotel says it would soon announce a diverse range of offers, including complimentary stays and romantic day treats among others, to celebrate with the general public a decade of sustained excellence.

Also, as part of its TIN Jubilee goals, the Hotel will in the coming weeks outdoor a refreshed visual identity, including enhanced logo and marketing materials.

Over the past decade, the Royal Senchi Hotel has been a beacon of distinction in Africa, exemplifying the essence of traditional Ghanaian hospitality and culture. This commitment has earned the hotel numerous regional and global accolades.

With its lush green surroundings and stunning river views, it has been a favored destination for both leisure travelers seeking a tranquil escape and business professionals looking for a sophisticated retreat.

A Decade of Unforgettable Experiences

Over the years, The Royal Senchi Hotel and Resort has consistently provided guests with unforgettable experiences, immersing them in the enchantment of its meticulously landscaped grounds and its time-honored traditional architecture.

Mr Gerard Schraven, the General Manager of the Hotel expressed his excitement about the anniversary festivities, saying, "We are immensely proud of what we have achieved over the past ten years. It's been a journey filled with warmth, hospitality, and unforgettable moments. Our anniversary celebrations are our way of giving back to the loyal guests who have made this journey possible."

A Commitment to Sustainability

For his part, Mr. Emmanuel Mensah the Head of Sales and Marketing underscored the hotel’s commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism, touching on various eco-friendly practices implemented to minimize its environmental impact, such as waste reduction and energy conservation measures.

He stressed the hotel's dedication to upholding its renowned service standards, reiterating their commitment to leading in terms of originality and innovation.

Mr. Mensah emphasized their dedication to industry excellence, highlighting ongoing initiatives aimed at elevating the Ghanaian brand on the global tourism stage.


source: Clifford Yaw Frimpong