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8 NPP UK Chairmen declare support for Ken


8 months ago
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Eight prominent chairmen of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the United Kingdom have officially declared their unwavering support for Hon. Ken Agyapong, endorsing his bid for the NPP's flagbearer position. This endorsement comes ahead of the crucial November 4 elections, where delegates will make a pivotal decision regarding the party's leadership.

The eight UK-based NPP chairmen revealed that, among the twelve delegates slated in UK to cast their votes at the upcoming conference, a significant consensus has been formed in favor of Hon. Ken Agyapong.

This united front, they said showcases the widespread enthusiasm and confidence in Agyapong's leadership potential within the NPP.

Speaking on behalf of the group, one of the chairmen emphasized their belief that it is Ken Agyapong's time to ascend to the role of the party's flagbearer. They expressed their commitment to mobilize all possible resources and efforts to make this dream a reality, emphasizing their belief in his ability to steer the NPP towards a prosperous future.

The declaration of support by these influential NPP UK chairmen signals a growing momentum for Hon. Ken Agyapong's candidacy. As the November Conference draws near, all eyes are on the NPP's internal dynamics, with observers eager to see if this show of unity will translate into a broader endorsement within the party and potentially reshape the landscape of the upcoming leadership contest.

source: Theannouncergh.com